Слика бр. 1: Анти-НАТО демонстрације у Варшави

У организацији Светског савета за мир (World Peace Council), 8.-9. јула 2016. године у Варшави, одржана је конференција под називом ,,ДА МИР, НЕ НАТО!'', на којој је представника имао и Београдски форум за свет равноправних. Беофорум је представљао господин Станислав Гашпаровски, који је говорио на задату тему, а затим и учествовао у анти-НАТО демонстрацијама, које су одржане у центру Варшаве, одакле су се учесници, симболично упутили према згради амбасаде Сједињених америчких држава.


World Peace Council protests against NATO summit in Warsaw

У наставку можете прочитати говор господина Гашпаровског одржаног 8. јула у Варшави на тему ,,ДА МИР, НЕ НАТО!''

By destabilizing Balkans USA and NATO are destabilizing Europe

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed Comrades, protectors of the more peaceful, human and civilized tomorrow.
On my way to this event, that I am most privileged and honoured to take part in, I wondered what would have been my reaction if I was a wandering Alien and that I have stumbled upon this planet Earth of today?
As my ancestors most certainly would have been descendents of Irene, the goddess of Peace, I would doubtlessly be saddened  and  highly disillusioned by the world that I have discovered. This planet Earth that is bestowed to us with all her beauty, richness and abundance and able to provide peace and plenty to every single human and leaving creature, would look to me as the land of Ares, the nemesis. Dominated and run by brutal force and greed, by the lust for power, by wars and killings, by abuse and destruction, and by terror that is generating misery, famine, suffering and grief.
Dear friends, imagine if that confused and saddened creature has asked any one of us to help him to understand reasons for this appalling state of affairs in our world today, would you be able to explain it and what would be your response?
Mine would be quick, short and qualified: I will say NATO.
As someone coming from a country, ex Yugoslavia, that was destroyed by NATO, and from today's Serbia that is still occupied by NATO, I am a witness of how brutal and destructive, but unjustified that force is.  
Seventeen economically and militarily biggest countries have waged a relentless war and destruction on my country with the pretexts of protecting human lives and democracy. We all know that their reasons were bogus and highly cynical and that nothing is further from the truth than these lies.
I wouldn't be dwelling upon the physical and human destruction that NATO has inflicted on Yugoslavia at the time of war, as such are well documented facts about NATO crimes that no one has yet paid for. However one crime that even today is killing people of southern Europe and Balkans is depleted uranium. A legacy of NATO aggression for hundred years in the future.   
Rather, I would like to talk about the ongoing aggression and domination by the western allies that is inflicted upon my country and beyond.

Слика бр. 2: Господин Гашпаровски са генералним секретаром Светског савета за мир, Ираклисом Цавдардисом и другим учесницима скупа

Serbia today is an occupied land in every way, but formal. Following the NATO aggression historical part of Serbia, Kosovo i Metohija are annexed territory that is run via the terrorist organization UCK, by NATO and EU. Americans have there a military base of huge proportions. EU and NATO are doing nothing but turning blind eye to the ethnic cleansing of Serbs and others. They don't prosecute or punish the crimes, the trafficking of drugs, slaves and human organs that are main businesses of this new "government".
In the rest of the Serbia proper, after the new so called democratic government has taken power some 30,000 qualified and experienced civil servants were replaced by uneducated, inexperienced, but politically suitable people. I guess, that it is easier to indoctrinate, control and govern someone who doesn't know what he is doing.
Economically and financially the country was firstly destroyed through corrupt privatization. Domestic banks were replaced by foreign ones, that are depriving citizens and industry of any investment funds. Stripped of all industry, resources and finance, but simultaneously opened by liberalization and free market to unfair competition from multi nationals. Serbia today is poor, fully IMF dependent country with high unemployment and low income. Our history is rewritten and our losses and victims are denied justice. More than 70% of our school books are made and printed in Germany. My country is a dominion of the NATO and EU.
Unfortunately, situation is not better in the rest of the Balkans. Further to the artificially created State of Kosovo, NATO is encouraging creation of the greater Albania by destabilizing Macedonia, further threatening Serbia, Montenegro and northern Greece.
Bosnia i Herzegovina is intentionally divided, and Serbs from Republika Srpska are denied right to self determination and rapprochement with Serbia. Such politics have only one objective in mind and that is to divide and rule.
By destabilizing Balkans USA and NATO are destabilizing Europe. By waging global wars and aggression USA and NATO are crating refuges and more terrorism. Isn't this maybe a way to a divided and broken Europe that is collapsing under the sheer weight of destituted victims of such USA and NATO policies?   
Coming back to me and my wandering Alien, it is highly possible that after hearing all this he will conclude that I am as much confused and saddened as he is. However, between two of us ll still be a big difference. He would be free to return to his peaceful and more human world, where I would have no other choice, but to stay here with you and fight for a better tomorrow.
Thank you

Слика бр. 3: Анти НАТО демонстрације у Варшави